Currently on exhibit at Mullein gallery
1412 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO

Jen and I spent three fascinating weeks touring Italy during the first weeks of September, 2001. From the romantic waterways of Venice, to the historic majesty of Florence, to the quaint beauty of Cinque Terre, to the captivating splendor of the Amalfi coast, to the delicious, rustic charm of Tuscany, we experienced many unforgettable dimensions of this gem of a country. Arriving with backpacks and train tickets, we left with treasured memories - hundreds of which managed to be documented on film. This gallery series showcases the beauty and culture we encountered in the Tuscany region. Distinctly Tuscan, these images, to me, are icons of Tuscan life and culture - defining a truly magical location unlike any other place on earth. Click on an image above to view a higher resolution version.

all images copyright 2001, Zone V Photography